3/4/2011 Top 100 Bestsellers in Kindle

For Indie Authors Amanda Hocking is truly an inspiration and once again she’s run away with the top number of bestsellers this week.  Congrats, Amanda!

5 Amanda Hocking – Switched

12 Amanda Hocking – Ascend

15 Amanda Hocking – Torn

37 Amanda Hocking – My Blood Approves

42 J. A. Konrath – The List

43 Victorine Lieske – Not What She Seems

47 Amanda Hocking – Fate

51 Amanda Hocking – Flutter

54 Amanda Hocking – Wisdom

3/3/2011 – My Favorite Dean Koontz Book

Most people that know me, know I am a Dean Koontz fan.  My favorite book was the first in the series of Odd Thomas series.  Publisher’s Weekly said: “This is Koontz working at his pinnacle, providing terrific entertainment that deals seriously with some of the deepest themes of human existence: the nature of evil, the grip of fate and the power of love.”

And I couldn’t agree more.  Koontz gave me everything I love in this novel.  A character I adored, a plot of evil, and emotional page-turning grip of story that kept me fascinated and wanting more. 

Friday 2/25/2011  Top 100 Best Sellers In Kindle

Looks like Amanda Hocking has run away with it this week.

7  Amanda Hocking – Switched

16 Amanda Hocking – Ascend

17 Amanda Hocking – Torn

37 Amanda Hocking- My Blood Approves

45 Victorine E. Lieske – Not What She Seems

51 Amanda Hocking – Fate

52 Amanda Hocking – Flutter

55 Amanda Hocking – Wisdom

92 Larry Enright – Four Years From Home

WOOT!  There may be more, but these are the names I recognized.

Monday 2/21/2011

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Sunday 2/20/2011 News

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Indies In the Top 100 Bestseller List

Friday 2/18/2011 – Independent Authors

30. Amanda Hocking – My Blood Approves

31.  Victorine E. Lieske – Not What She Seems

42  Amanda Hocking – Fate (My Blood Approves, Book 2)

48  Larry Enright – Four Years From Home

49. Amanda Hocking – Flutter (My Blood Approves, Book 3)

51. Amanda Hocking – Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4)

72. Karen McQuestion – Favorite


There may actually be more, but these are names I recognized.


For many authors the dream of seeing their work published was at best, just that–a dream.  Excellent writing, wonderful stories, great characters and well written plots were just not enough to squeeze them by the initial slush pile and onto the desk of a good agent or publisher.  I shudder to think how many actually gave up.

Self-published authors have for many years struggled to gain recognition for their work.  Many followed a traditional published route of hiring professional editors and book cover artists.  The finished product although perfect in every way had one downside–price.  Self-published authors simply could not compete with the lower prices of traditionally published books.   Even small trade press traditionally published authors could not compete with the prices of large publishing houses.

Ebook publishing has created a very exciting avenue for Independent Authors to compete.  Finally an avenue is open that allows us to publish our work at the same or even cheaper retail prices than those authors published by the large publishing houses.  Is the quality as good?  In some instances yes it is.  In some instances it’s even better.  I love to read, and I’m finding more and more typos or misused words in traditionally published books.  You’ll find some of that in Independent books also.  But occasionally you’ll find a rose amongst the thorns.  A rose you would never have had the opportunity to touch and enjoy if the author had waited for that traditional publishing contract.

I’m devoting this site to Reviews of Independent Author’s books, and interviews with Independent Authors.  As both an author and a reader, I like to know something about the authors I read.  Where do they get their story ideas?  What parts of their environment influenced their writing?  And what can I expect in the future?  Don’t you just hate to find an author you love and then suddenly they’ve disappeared never to be heard from again?  I know I do.