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This review is from: The Gift of Joy (Kindle Edition)

What a great story! I bought/read it over the weekend, (wept) and thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Maarten’s writing.

Joy was a great character, she grew in the story like all heroines should, and I didn’t once want to slap her character silly.

Gabe was also a great character, nice hero, and I also didn’t once want to slap him silly! (His sisters were a whole different story:’)

There was just enough pathos in the story that my husband had to bring over the tissue because I wouldn’t stop reading and put down my Kindle… Don’t get me wrong, just because I’m a weeper doesn’t mean that this isn’t a wonderful story. As we get closer to the holidays I will probably re-read it.

There’s nothing like the girl/boy next door to make you take a deep, romantic breath!

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