Author Interviews

New Interview with McCarty Griffen – Author of Monster Story and Half-Inch

New Interview with: L.C. Evans – Author of Talented Horsewoman; We Interrupt This Date and “new” The Witness Wore Blood Bay

New Interview with: Joselyn Vaughn – Author of Courting Sparks and Ceos don’t cry

New Interview with: Katherine Tate a/k/a Kay Springsteen – Author of Heartsight

New Interview with: J. F. Jenkins – Author of Legend of The Oceina Dragon

New Interview with: William R. Potter – Author of Dead of Knight and Lighting the Dark Side

New Interview with: David Dalglish – Author of A Dance of Cloaks (and many more)

New Interview with: Sarah Barnard – Author of The Portal Between

New Interview with: Thea Atkinson – Author of Anomaly; One Insular Tahiti; Pray For Reign and The Secret Language of Crows

New Interview with: Barbara E. Silkstone – Author of The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland – Age 42 and Three-Quarters

New Interview with: Sibel Hodge – Author of Fourteen Days later; The Fashion Police and My Perfect Wedding

New Interview with: Joleene Naylor – Author of Shades of Gray; Legacy of Ghosts and 101 Tips For Travelling With a Vampire

New Interview with: Al Boudreau – Author of  In Memory of Greed.

New Interview with Larry Enright – Author of Four Years From Home


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