Mystery Teasers

I would be remiss if I didn’t add my own books here wouldn’t I?  Hope you enjoy my teasers on The Gifts and Sacred Secrets. Check back often as I will be adding other interesting books and authors for mystery lovers.


Setup:  Sheriff Sarah Burns was born with what her grandmother calls “The Gift”.  In the final throes of death, souls reached out to her with dying messages.  Only this time the message was for Sarah.

“He’s coming, Sarah.  He wants to destroy you.”


Setup:  Charity Froste is one of three women missing.  A prostitute, a nurse and a voodoo woman (Charity).  Two of them are already dead.

Charity looked around her, her heart fluttering as reality closed in. She was in an old farm cellar. From the looks of it no one had been here for years. Tears formed, she bit her lip, steadied the candle. Her whispered words stirring fear into full blown terror. “Yous’ in trouble now, sugah. Yous’ done been buried alive.”

Also available on Smashwords, B & N, Sony and other ebook stores or print.–thriller–horror.html


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